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We are already working with over 50 Companies as a preferred recruiter covering construction Companies and Engineering Consultants. Our service is adopted to satisfy each individual client and our approach is dedicatedly tailored to our clients' requirement. After getting into a supply arrangement, we allocate an account manager who is responsible for monitoring and carry out all monthly performance reviews in order to maintain the highest level of service and success rate. Regardless recruitment requirement, please contact us for more information and see how we tailor our service to help you find the solution to your staffing needs.

Liberal Services prove time after time that we can exceed our Client's expectations and deliver an unrivalled recruitment service. More and more of the leading Companies in the sectors we cover are making the team at Liberal Services their preferred recruitment service provider.


In Bangladesh presently there are many institution, which are constantly training and developing our human resources to meet international and domestic demand. We have in Bangladesh;

      » 60 Nos of Universities including Agricultural, Marine, Forestry & IT some of which are affiliated with the top class       International universities from UK, USA, Europe & Australia

      » 30 Nos of Medical Colleges including several post graduate Medical Institute
      » 25 Nos of Engineering Colleges
      » Over 8000 Technical Training Centers
      » Over 16000 vocational training centers

      » Almost 100 Nursing Centers
      » 25 Teacher Training colleges and thousand of schools

Over the last decade a total of about 2 million Bangladeshis are mobilized in different categories elsewhere specially in Middle-eastern countries. Apart from Middle-east there are UK, Europe, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and North African countries which are also using our labor forces for global infrastructure development.

Why Bangladeshi workers are in great demand?
      » Highly skilled and mostly experienced working at overseas Mega Projects, Industries, Institutions
      » Lower remuneration; Comparatively 20%-30% lower remuneration than Thailand, Philliphines & India
      » Institutionally trained personnel
      » Workers are energetic and staminated
      » Highly obedient and disciplined
      » Knowledge of English and Arabic
      » Closer cultural affinity and similar food habits
      » Embassy assistance of the country
      » Easy Processing procedures
      » Cheaper airfare cost and minimum fly