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     The Training Quality & Value

     Standards & Specification :
     The training is provided with high standard quality management. Highly experienced instructors are recruited from      Thailand, Singapore, China & India. We follow both technical & theoritical curricullam from the Building Construction      Authority of Singapore and City & Guilds of UK. Our training centers are facilitated with accommodation and fooding      for all workers undergoing training. An elaborate training is provided for 3-6 months till the workers are ready to      take the test which we evaluate by taking a simulation test. Highly experts specialists review the workers      performance in day to day training. Time is a major part here to complete the practical assignment of projects.      Representatives from the certified authorities mentioned are than take the final tests of the workers in every month.      The finally qualified workers are then awarded certification from the concerned authorities. The certificate given by      the Building Construction Authority of Singapore is valid for 18 years and the workers awarded the same certificate      may work in Singapore for the same period without paying any levy to Singapore government. The certificate      awarded by City & Guilds make the skill of the worker recognized and globally acceptable in Europe, USA, Australia      and other countries. We also provide orientation to the worker before they are recruited to the Companies to      educate them on the rules of employment policy and geography, weather & laws of the host country of work.
     Mission & Goal
     Till to the date we have provided professional skills to more than 25000 workers in different trades and      approximately 20000 of them are already being recruited and successfully continiuing their works in Singapore, UAE,      Malaysia and other countries.

     Trades under Training Activities

     Shuttering Carpentry (Timber)
     Shuttering Carpentry (Metal)
     Steel Fixing
     Tiles Laying
     Bricklaying Block Making
     Electrical Wiring
     Plumbing, etc.

&n Training at a Glance

    Total Training Centres : 4 nos
    Total Training Space : 120,000sft
    Minimum Capacity : 3500 nos/Month
    Nos of Trades : 12


    Our Centres                         Affiliation                              Trades                        Capacity   Recruitment                                                                                                                                    (Approx)             (Approx)

    Progressive Training Centre        VIRSAGI Management (S)      Shuttering Carpentry          650                   4700

                                                   Pte. Ltd.

    Zirabo, EPZ Road, Ashulia,         Singapore                              Metal Formwork                 200                   3300


                                                   -Traine& Management             Consultant Plastering          150                   1100

   Weltech Training Centre                                                         Steel Fixing / Rod binding   1200                  7000

    Jamur Munshipara, Nirshindipur  Building Construction              Welding                              100                    450

                                                   Authority, Singapore

    Ashulia, Dhaka                          -Tester & Govt. Certification    Bricklayng                          200                   800

                                                   Authority of Singapore

                                                                                                Electrical Wiring                  100                   400

    Nabinagar Training Centre         City & Guilds, UK                    Blocklaying                         150                   600

    Nabinagar, Savar -                   Tester & Certification               Plumbing                             70                    250

                                                                                               Pipe Ftting                           100                   330

    Pukurpar Training Centre          BUREAU VERITAS (BV)            Scaffolding                           80                    270

    Ashulia, Dhaka                         Bangladesh / Singapore          Others                                500                    700

                                                  -Certification Authority on Safety training                          ___________________

                                                                                                                                        3500                19900